World of Liberty Privacy Policy

Privacy  Policy  apps for  children


Your child’s privacy is very important to us.

Our privacy policy is simple:

We make self-contained apps that children can read, interact with, and enjoy.

We do not market to your children.

We do not connect to social media through our titles (unless behind a For Parents or More Info Button).

And we do not gather any information about the readers of our titles.

Our apps do not include any type of analytics. We do not collect or share personal data.


What the icons mean:

  • Ads – No app advertisements served from 3rd party ad networks in our apps.
  • Social –  No integration with social networks such as Facebook or Twitter(unless behind a For Parents or More Info Button).
  • Location – No ability to track a user’s location, or any other information, from the app.
  • Web – There may be some hyperlinks to the internet that open a mobile web browser from within the app. Usually it’s just a link back to our site.
  • Purchase – No In-App Purchase functionality. Users cannot purchase content through “buy” or “unlock” features within the app.

Privacy  Policy  Casual


Your  privacy is very important to us. We are not sharing or selling your info/data, but some app’s uses different services, we cannot account for their data usage. We use Facebook, Advertising, Analytics, Push messaging.

All these services require their own policies, please click on the link below to read all the information needed for these services.
Privacy Policy -GO- Services