It’s back to school and end of summer time! September

Did you have a good summer? Here at World of Liberty we certainly did! We spent some time in New York visiting Lady Liberty and the World Trade Center, did some camping on the California coast and even traveled all the way to Australia. We’rliberty one hand raisede ready to get back to school and back to the fun of learning!
This past weekend we celebrated Labor Day. We all look forward to Labor Day as the last barbecue day and the unofficial end of summer celebration. Do you know what Labor Day is actually for?

The first Labor Day took place in 1882. A group of workers in New York came together to protest the long hours and unsafe conditions of the factories. After that first Labor Day states all over the country started to host Labor Days in honor of the American worker. Finally, in 1894 Congress passed a law to make the first Monday in September a national holiday.

Labor Day is unique among national holidays. It doesn’t celebrate one person nor does it celebrate the end of a war nor does it commemorate a single event. Labor Day is the only national holiday that celebrates the average American. It celebrates all of us! This is our day to realize that all of the hard work we put in day-to-day has grown this great nation. When we come together we accomplish amazing things.

Never forget2On Friday, September 11th, we hope everyone takes a moment to remember the events we now know as  “9/11.” Many American’s find it hard to relive the tragedy of 9/11/2001, but we feel it’s important to honor those who lost their lives on that fateful day. Not only did American citizens die that day, but citizens from 90 different countries perished as well. We honor the memory of all who died that day, with special thought and prayers to the many heroes who rushed in to save as many as they could, but lost their own lives in their selfless efforts. We will never forget.

Here’s a great video  from Brain Pop. It’s a good one to share with your kids because it talks about why September 11th happened and what it means to us here in America. It also gives some thoughtful questions to talk to your kids about.

Don’t worry, September isn’t all seriousness. On September 18th  we all get to celebrate National Cheeseburger Day! We’ll be heading to Umami to have one of the best cheeseburgers ever.

Are you up for a cheeseburger challenge? Submit your recipe to us for the Best Cheeseburger Ever and include the hashtag #BestCheeseburgerEver. Do you put a special ingredient in your patties? Or is it the condiments that make your cheeseburger perfect? We want to know! Tweet us, email us or Facebook us your thoughts.World of Liberty Logo

Have a wonderful September. We look forward to hearing from you!

Happy August Readers! This is a very fun month for World of Liberty because we get to celebrate two of our favorite characters! August hosts both National Aviation Day and National Dog Day. Truman and Ellie are super excited! But there’s another reason we feel that August is very special, on August 7 America celebrates Purple Heart Day.

some gave all3

August 7th is a day to reflect on the sacrifice given by soldiers wounded in combat. The Purple Heart started out as the Badge of Military Merit during the American Revolution. George Washington gave a Badge of Military Merit to enlisted men who had proved themselves in battle. Merit means the quality of being particularly good or worthy, especially so as to deserve praise or reward ( Washington believed that soldiers should be honored for their merit. However the Badge of Military Merit disappeared after the revolution. It wasn’t until 1932 when Congress created the Purple Heart that America once again had a badge honoring merit. Congress “revived [the Purple Heart] out of respect to [Washington’s] memory and military achievements.” (

Take time this month to honor those who’ve served. Here are our top 3 suggestions…

  1. Write a letter to a soldier thanking them for their service. You can send them through Operation Gratitude.
  2. Contact your local VA to see how you can volunteer to help.
  3. Have your kids collect money in August by doing chores and odd jobs. They can donate their earnings to an organization that supports veterans like the Military Order of the Purple Heart Foundation.

National_Aviation_DayOn August 19 we will celebrate our very own Truman with National Aviation Day!

National Aviation Day started in 1939 when President Franklin D Roosevelt proclaimed Orville Wrights birthday National Aviation Day. We’re going to celebrate today by having a paper airplane contest and Truman’s going to be the judge! Check out the incredible variety of paper airplane designs on Try one out and let us know which you like best!

1896849_622205277867128_1367792726_nWe also get to celebrate with Ellie this month because August 26th is National Dog Day! Ellie is way more than a dog, she’s our best friend! We don’t know where we’d be without her. On August 26th we would love to see pictures of your dogs. Tweet us your favorite puppy pics. #DOGust #EllieBFF

Don’t forget the summer is almost over but it’s never too late for an adventure. Have a great rest of summer!

What do Independence Day,

Bastille Day and Amelia Earhart have in common?

We celebrate them all in July!

Summer is officially in full swing. This month we have the granddaddy of all American celebrations, the 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July from Liberty’s home town!

Independence Day is more than just the day we get to see fireworks or a great movie with Will Smith. It’s the day we celebrate the birth of our nation. In 1776 our forefathers courageously signed the Declaration of Independence. This bold move cemented our place in history as a nation committed to equality, liberty and justice for all. Sometimes it’s hard for children to understand exactly what patriotism means. We found this excellent slide show on, 7 Ways to Teach Kids What July 4th Means. We love the idea of taking a tour of your own city to see how your government works for you every day. And if Liberty were president, she would make a once-a-week country connection adventure mandatory for all!

We wish you a very happy and safe 4th of July!

Postcard design with July Column on the Place de la Bastille
Vive la France!

Have you ever heard of Bastille Day? It’s a celebration in France that is very similar to our Independence Day. In 1789, the people of France stormed the Bastille and began a revolution to overthrow the monarchy. Today, July 14th is a celebration of, “the end of the French monarchy and the beginning of the French Revolution.” You can find more great details on Bastille Day from Here are some country connections America has with France, and Bastille Day.

  • Both France and America have red, white and blue flags
  • One of our national symbols was made by a French statue-maker. Can you guess which symbol? Hint: NEW YORK…
  • We both celebrate our Independence Day in July
  • France and America share a number of sister-cities
  • We all love crepes! Crepes are French pancakes!
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - CIRCA 1963: A postcard printed in USA shows Amelia Earhart, circa 1963 .
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – CIRCA 1963: A postcard printed in USA shows Amelia Earhart, circa 1963 .

On July 24th, we celebrate the ground breaking pioneer, Amelia Earhart. A pilot, nurse, feminist and all around one of a kind woman. Here at World of Liberty, we have a bit of a crush on Amelia Earhart.  Amelia’s life ended tragically when she attempted to be the first woman to fly around the world. The mystery surrounding Ms. Earhart’s death is still unsolved, but doesn’t overshadow the incredible deeds she accomplished in her lifetime. Along with her record breaking flights, she inspired women everywhere to pursue their dreams and fly as high as they could. Even the First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, was touched by Amelia’s passion.

On July 24th, we challenge you to take a brave step towards your own dreams. Tweet us to let us know what brave step you take! @LibertyExplores

To learn more about our hero, Amelia Earhart check out the sites below.

“Never do things others can do and will do

if there are things others cannot do or will not do.”

~ Amelia Earhart

It’s June! School’s out and the wonderful promise of summer lies ahead of us. It's June

We know that sometimes this enticingly empty stretch of unstructured time can seem daunting to fill. Here are some activities and suggestions for summer. As always, we’ve looked a little bit into the history of things because we can’t help but be passionate about American history. Buckle your seat belts because here comes summer!

Major Days in June

D-Day, June 6

June 6, 1944 was D-Day and the beginning of the end of World War II. On D-Day American, Canadian, British and French troops all joined forces to reclaim the beaches of Normandy. This day was a turning point in the war. If your kids are looking to learn more about D-Day they can check out the article on This great article goes over the how, what, when, where and why of D-Day and explores our country connections with our Allied Forces; Canada, Great Britain and France.

Flag Day, June 14th

This June 14th America will be celebrating it’s 99th Flag Day! President Woodrow Wilson scheduled the first Flag Day in 1916. Flag Day never became a national holiday but just the same Americans love to celebrate our flag. Here are some fun facts we found about Old Glory. Check out Kids Konnect to learn even more!

14th of June - American Flag Day greeting card
14th of June – American Flag Day greeting card
  • The American flag’s nickname is “stars and stripes” also referred to as “Old Glory”
  • The flag’s design has changed 27 times over it’s history and was last changed in 1960 to include our 50th state, Hawaii
  • The 13 stripes on the flag represent the 13 colonies
  • There is a star for each of the 50 states, go ahead and count them!
  • The design of our current 50 star flag was designed by a high school student for a class project and he only got a B- as his final grade (

Fathers Day, June 19th

Did you know that Father’s Day was actually protested in the 1920’s and 30’s?

The first Fathers Day is attributed to Sonora Smart Dodd. She was one of six children raised by a single father and in 1910 decided that her dad deserved a celebration. President Coolridge tried to get the states to celebrate Fathers Day but most fathers “scoffed at the holiday’s sentimental attempts to domesticate manliness with flowers and gift-giving”( The 1920’s and 30’s saw such a backlash on Fathers Day that there were even rallies in Central Park in New York! World War II put a stop to all the controversy and in 1972 the day became a national holiday in America.

Mom, I’m Bored!

Bored kids
Bored kids

Well, if your kids have already downloaded both World of Liberty apps, “It’s Raining Pumpkins in Delaware” and “Chicago’s Green River Leads to the Emerald Isle”, we recommend you let them…stay bored! That’s right. It turns out that boredom is actually a state of mind that breeds creativity and helps children with problem solving skills. Several studies have recently been released showing the positive outcome of being bored. Aha! Parenting has a great article about it (read here).

Unstructured time gives your kids the opportunity to, “respond to the stirrings of their own hearts” (Aha!). So, boredom is actually good for you. Who knew?

The word boredom was first used in Charles Dickens’ Bleak House which was published in 1852. Of course, the state of mind has existed throughout human history. According to it turns out that even ancient Romans experienced boredom!

So, go ahead!Be bored this summer, you never know where it may lead you.

Liberty’s Letters 

Vol. 1

The M’s of May

May is here and we’ve realized that there are a lot of M’s to celebrate with merrymaking and memorialization! One of our favorite things here at World of Liberty is discovering how/why things are connected to the history of our country.

Mother’s Day

We love learning so we took a look into where Mother’s Day came from. Mother’s Day was started by Anna Jarvis in 1908 in Grafton, West Virginia. We’ve been celebrating mothers in America for over 100 years! According to Mother’s Day actually started as a group of women seeking to achieve reconciliation and peace between the North and South after the Civil War. Our fore-mothers sure knew the importance of a unified America!

The creator of Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis, remained childless for her whole life. We all are lucky to have mothers and/or a great mothering relationship. Jarvis proves that mothers are more then just the women who gave birth to us. Mothers are the women who mentor, love and cherish us.

In 2014, Cardstore, did a “prank interview” with dozens of applicants. They placed an online ad for a Director of Operations. As the interview unfolds it becomes clear that this isn’t just any old job that people are applying for. This is the most important job in the whole world!

World’s Toughest Job

Thank you to all our Mom’s out there! We love you so!!!!

Memorial Day


We are proud to be Americans and are humbled and honored by the sacrifices that our troops make for us.
Memorial Day is a day where we get to honor our troops. We honor the dead for the sacrifice they made in fighting for freedom in America. We honor their sacrifice by remembering them and continuing the crusade by, “rising up in their stead and continuing the fight for liberty and justice for all.” (

Traditionally the American flag is quickly raised then slowly lowered to half-staff position where it remains until noon. The half-staff position is to remember the dead. At noon the flag is then raised again all the way. This is a symbol for us all to remember the living and to live our lives in a way that honors the sacrifice of those who have fallen.

Here are some other great ways to celebrate Memorial Day…

We at World of Liberty are grateful for the sacrifices made by our service men and women. We are honored to live in a country of heroes.

Have you forgotten yet?… 

Look up, and swear by the green of the Spring that you’ll never forget. 

~ Siegfried Sassoon

ambernewheadshotWhen I was little I was a big “wonderer.” Just like you, I suspect. I loved school, reading books and exploring. I remember watching the news with my parents and always wondering about those faraway places mentioned on TV, as well as the people who lived in those places. If I could time-travel, I would go back to my childhood, grab a notepad and ask my mom to buy me a wall map. Then I would have written down the names of those mysterious places I heard about, like Great Britain, Iran, New York, South America and so on. I would find them on my map and stick a pin by their names. That would be my way of making a note to go there when I was all grown up. In school, history was my favorite subject. My mom taught me about World War II, what it meant and that my grandfather had fought in it. So, I suppose American history has always had a good hold on me since then.

Now that I am an adult, the stories of America mean so much more to me. That is what inspired me to write these stories and characters. Developing World of Liberty has been life-changing. Not only have I learned new things about my country, but I’ve also discovered “country connections” that totally open up a whole new world to me. It has made me a more curious, open and thoughtful person, too. Which is why I want to share it with others. I hope these stories and characters will inspire kids to learn about whichever counry they live in. I hope to encourage wonderment about people and cultures different from their own, and, when they stumble upon their own “country connections,” that it will be an exciting experience. Onward to our next adventure! Thank you!

Amber Hood with Liberty Lane

Welcome to the World of Liberty website!

Join in the magical adventures of best pals Liberty Lane, Ellie, Georgie and Truman app1as they explore America! Together they travel state by state to discover “country connections” –things America has in common with countries all over the world!

Their magical journeys always include helping new friends, learning historic and geographic facts and inspiring children of all ages to discover more about our world! We welcome you to discover our first storybook adventure app! In “It’s Raining Pumpkins in Delaware,” Liberty and her pals go to Delaware and Sweden by way of a sister city “country connection.”

See you in our first adventure!