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“It’s Raining Pumpkins in Delaware”

Pumpkins Lead the Way to a Spooky Discovery!

Country Connection: Sister City

“Next adventure: Delaware! The first colony to become a state,” exclaims Liberty. Liberty,cropped-world-of-liberty-logo.png Ellie, Georgie and Truman travel to explore and learn about Delaware. When Georgie the bald eagle flies into a sky full of pumpkins, he leads them to their first country connection — a sister city! The sister city for Wilmington, Delaware, is located on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean: Kalmar, Sweden. There, they learn about some of Sweden’s history and how it is connected to America.

App includes:

  • Read myself, Read to me, and Auto play options
  • Word highlighting
  • Voice over and Music 
  • Review and memory quiz
  • Pause and refresh 
  • Puzzle

App Production credits 

  • Creator & Executive Producer: Amber Hood
  • Producer: Michael Diaz
  • Illustrations: Eddie Mort & Lili Chin
  • Voice Director: Kris Zimmerman Salter
  • Voiceover Talent: SBV Talent 
  • Story Editing: Roger Scott, Michele & Ella Duvauchelle
  • Engineer & Recording Studio: Kevin Cleland – Mai Tai Studios
  • Theme Song Music: Terry Sampson & Hope Levy
  • Lyrics, & Lead Vocals: Hope Levy
  • Page Preparation: Eric Duvauchelle
  • App Developer: OCG Studios
  • Literary Agent: Judy Coppage


~ Liberty: The state of being free.