Love ~ Love ~ Love

We’re talking about Valentine’s Day, of course, smack dab in the middle of the month. In America, it’s the day we celebrate all things love and friendship. People make cards and gifts to remind those that they love how much they care. Or to creatively tell someone that you admire them. Do you have any idea who receives the most Valentine’s cards every February 14th? Teachers! 2nd place goes to kids. Then onto wives and significant others and pets. Yes, animals even get in on the love these days. We highly recommend getting crafty and making your own esther-howland-valentine-artist-253x300handmade Valentines for all the special ones in your life. That’s how Esther Howland of Massachusetts got the nickname the “Mother of the American Valentine.”She made cards from scratch with materials such as paper lace. They became so popular she had to hire friends to help her esther-howland-valentine-226x300with the orders. That’s how she became the first woman in America to mass produce valentine’s cards. Talk about woman power. Esther is an inspiration. Doing what she is passionate about while employing her friends to help her live the dream of running her own business… all in the name of love, Esther_Howland_1850literally. Brings new meaning to the passion, love, and friendship we celebrate on Valentine’s Day. Bet you will look at those aisles of mass produced cards you pick up at the grocery store in a whole new way now. We challenge you to celebrate your love of country this month. Send us your Valentine’s Day cards to America and we’ll post them on our Facebook page. If there’s one thing we always need more of, it’s Love. We look forward to seeing your cards! Tweet us or Facebook us your cards.